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I've made a (somewhat) online multiplayer ruby game using the tcl/tk
libary. Now I'd like to test it out with some friends. Problem? It has
to be as simple as possible. They aren't tech-savvy. All I need to make
is an exe file from a rb files that contains not only the interpreter,
but the socket and tk library.

I've tried rubyscript2exe, but it doesn't look like a good solution (It
didn't work for me). Anyway, I'm not keen on using it, so it's out of
the topic.

I've tried taking the Windows Ruby interpreter on it's own with part of
the standard library, but it doesn't detect tk. How would I add the
tcl/tk library to where it should be for the interpreter to get?

(If you don't understand me, or if I have provided inadequate
information, just ask me what you need to confirm, it's too broad and
mind is currently cluttered with all that bug-tracking.)
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Nevermind, I found it out!

I just (by coincidence, right now, despite me searching around for hours
before making this post) found out this post:

I followed it and -booya- it worked. Now I have it all.
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