From: Joe Forster/STA on
Hello everyone,

As a present to you on my 35th birthday, ;-) I have released version
0.83 of Star Commander (and Star Utilities, too). Visit
and for the downloads. Mirrors will also be
updated in a few days/weeks.

It is worth mentioning that one of the major new features is support
for OpenCBM as kind of a "virtual cable", for NT-based Windowses - see
the Usage section of the documentation, also available at , for more infos. (Yes, that
means a DOS program accessing a Commodore drive via a Windows device
driver. ;-) ) This release, apart from being the first non-beta
release after almost 8 years, is also a preparation for making use of
the XUM1541 interface support in OpenCBM, currently in development, so
watch out for 0.84 betas in the future. Have fun,

Joe Forster/STA
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