From: Joshua Cranmer on
On 01/09/2010 09:30 PM, Richard Maher wrote:
> Yes, I count three per browser instance but certainly not 1:tab but still
> one "matching" JVM. Chrome also has thread-synchronization peculiarities but
> i guess "well coded Applets don't make assumptions about how the browser
> invokes Thread's" either? Or perhaps from which direction the Sun will rise?

IIRC, the current Mozilla multiprocess work only makes one process per
plugin, even if the plugin is invoked from different page processes
(mostly a result of Flash having major problems if you try to invoke it
multiple times).

> I'm curious to know what you think a well designed Browser should do.

I'm not entirely up-to-date on what exactly happens with applet
invocation, but Mozilla's current approach strikes me as working best.
At least for the moment.

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tried it. -- Donald E. Knuth