From: Pierre Ossman on
On Thu, 20 May 2010 18:28:52 +0200
Pierre Ossman <pierre-list(a)> wrote:

> Controller now taken out of the picture and I no longer see any errors
> on either filesystem nor direct disk level.
> I have a sil3132 of a different OEM brand here. I'll try that in that
> pci-e slot next.

Status update:

1. Putting the other sil3132 controller did not make any problems

2. Next I swapped that controller with the one next to it to test if
this specific board design in combination with this specific slot was
causing the issues. Still no corruption.

3. Today I put the "bad" controller back in, but in a different slot.
Still not seeing any issues.

I could move it back to the inital slot to see if the problem
reappears, but I'm just happy the system is error free again so I'll
write this off as a temporary glitch or a bad combination of card and

-- Pierre Ossman

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