From: Lars Uffmann on
I have started testing additional library configurations in my preferred
build environment of Eclipse CDT + MSYS + MinGW (+ wxWidgets).

Namely - for the time being - support for
* Xerces C, and
* boost

Those are not really related to wxWidgets, so I wanted to ask if
everyone of the devs is okay with me putting them into the wxWiki -
after all, I use the wxWiki Eclipse guide as a reference (prerequisite)
for these extra libraries. Or if you have a different suggestion.

Furthermore, I would like to avoid calling the environment "Eclipse CDT
+ MSYS + MinGW" all the time, and took the liberty to invent the acronym
"EMM". Or "EMMe" for EMM-environment. I may or may not find enough use
for EMMe, so that I may remove it again.

The question is - am I making things unnecessarily complicated with
that, or is it beneficial for readability?

Section in question is here (stub):,_CDT_%26_MingW_%26_MSYS_Setup_Guide#Support_for_other_Tools.2FLibraries

Thanks for any feedback (also from user side)!