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>> Pieter,
>> Thank you for the advice. Is there any way that I would be able to post a
>> snapshot of my relationships to these sites? I think that that would be
>> the
>> best way for you to see what I am doing. The process is designed to model
>> a
>> preventive maintenance program to be able to schedule the work based upon
>> the
>> frequency required. Also with the ability to store historical, and
>> project
>> future work.
>> Cordially,
>> jason P
>> "PieterLinden via" wrote:
>>> Jason,
>>> You're describing something none of us can *see*, so you have to be
>>> specific.
>>> Describe what your business goal is, and a version of the significant
>>> tables
>>> (preferably with only the significant field names) and someone can help
>>> you.
>>> Right now it's hard to know how to help. I would start with this:
>>> What process or relationship are you modeling?
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