From: Robert Kern on
On 7/28/10 4:57 PM, Robert Faryabi wrote:
> Hi there;
> I'm using Tabular Package for manipulating tab-delimited data.
> There is a small problem that I cannot get my head around it.
> When I construct my tabarray from file, the black fields are replaced by "nan".
> Does any one knows how to just keep them as empty string (ie. ' ')?

If you want the other values to be actual numbers instead of strings containing
numerical values, then no, you cannot keep the blank fields as empty strings.
There may be an option to have tabular parse the data into an object array, in
which all of the items will be Python objects. Then you could mix and match the

You will find better luck asking questions about tabular on the numpy-discussion
mailing list. tabular is built on numpy, so many of your questions will really
be questions about how numpy behaves. Also, the tabular authors hang out there.

Robert Kern

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