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Testimonial VIDEO for Honorable Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of the
Russian Federation

A brief TIMELINE of how the MURDEROUS assault of the YANQUIS on the

1) Mikhael Khodorkovsky is arrested like a RAT and put in prison - the
whole ROTHSCHILD + SOROS and British Petroleum Conspiracy to Destroy
Motherland Russia and the Fatherland is destroyed - Odious Halliburton
Cheney is found crying

2) Advanced Russian ANTI-TANK weapons INCINERATE Merkeva after Merkeva
in the Hands of the BRAVE HEZBOLLAH - Butcher Bush is found crying

3) Crushing Defeat of the attempt to Harass Russia directly is
Vigorously countered in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Georgia's American
Lawyer president Sakashvilli faces defeat. Butcher Bush and
Halliburton Cheney are found crying.

Conclusion : The only solution to the world harmony and peace is a
uniform cosmopolitan fairness and ethic all over the world and
application of law without prejudice.