From: mecej4 on
Richard Maine wrote:

> Clive Page <junk(a)> wrote:
>> >> > Screenshots? Are you serious? Why would the gfortran manual need
>> >> > screenshots? That's ridiculous.
>> I thought that I'd seen one somewhere, and I tracked it down: a very
>> informative screenshot of the g95 compiler in action:
> I don't see anything at all informative about that screenshot that
> wouldn't be just as well shown as text. In fact, all of the useful
> content is text. The rest is nothing but an image of someone's (Looks
> like Andy's) terminal emulator, which doesn't tell me anything about
> g95.
> I suppose one could do worse, which in this case, would be to go more in
> the direction of gratuitously turning useful text into useless
> screenshots. The next step would be to show screenshots instead of text
> for sample code just in order to make it extra tricky for those who
> might want to copy the code and try it themselves.

This is already being done, and would have happened on C.L.F as well if
binary attachments had been allowed. I refer to posts of .png files merely
to show a few lines of text or a compiler error message.

Pictures are for ideas that take more than, say, the proverbial 1,000 words,
or ideas that cannot be expressed in words.

Cave dwellers drew pictures 10,000 years ago. Then we became civilized and
wrote text wherever we could -- rocks, trees, walls, even caves. Lines of
program code, the currency of this group, are text. Aren't I old fashioned!

-- mecej4