From: Jim Bunton on
Dear Gary & Mayayana
Thanks for your suggestions - really very much appreciated.

It will take me a while to really investigate Mayayana's detailed

In the mean time I came by the link below while looking for info and I
thought you might find it interesting.

It provides a fully written app in three versions of MsAccess ie vba code.

Although the front end is in German this doesn't create a great problem
even if like me your German runs only to something like a litre of beer and
a packet of cigarettes.

This example too will take a little while for me to investigate/understand
fully and extract what I need to fit my specific purpose though I expect
that you two will be able to get to grips with it a good deal faster than I

For anyone looking to send emails from vb it looks pretty much like 'hacker
paradise' to me!

Best wishes

Jim Bunton

"GS" <GS(a)> wrote in message
> Hi Jim,
> Sorry you couldn't get it working. It runs fine on my machine but I can't
> remember if I had to tweak it some or not.
> Yes, it is rather old but that gave me a start and so I thought it might
> do the same for you. Actually, mayayana makes some great suggestions that
> are worth looking at. I especially like the non-dependency approach.
> As for the html scolding; -I was not aware this was happening because of
> the way my reader displays messages. I prefer using plain text here
> because code samples (which display better in plain text) are often
> provided. It's a non-issue with me but I don't want to raise any
> controversy with anyone so I don't mind being told. Also, the scolder
> likes picking on me whenever he gets a chance (historically speaking), so
> I'm sure it will happen again!
> Kind regards,
> Garry