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> > > Spacetime would not exist without the "capability" to conceive it.
> > Spacetime obviously exited prior to the formation of stars.
> The Ring Big Bang of Gerard Hooft is real in the math of the
> hypersphere where the universe is in the round surface of the radial
> 4th dimension.
> Mitch Raemsch

Singularity gives the point where big bang blew. Spacetime shows what
gravity can do over time and space. Time being the most inportant O
ya TreBert


In certain things, such as the Planck base (horizon) (universe) and the
infinite Singularity to the other side of the one and the same coin, and the
infinite Universe to this side of that one and the same coin, DUALITY exists
and "time was" equals "time is" equalling "time will be" precisely. In
certain things, there is no difference, no dividing line, whatsoever (cc=0)
(unity=1) between the three.