From: Gord Dibben on
I have never been asked to save changes in my personal macros add-in when
closing Excel.

Personal.xls or any other workbook.......yes, I get asked.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 18:49:01 +0100, "Bob Phillips"
<bob.phillips(a)> wrote:

>This is getting repetitive, but that shouldn't happen <g>
>Even if you don't save in the VBIDE, when you close the workbook or close
>Excel, it should ask you because the file has changed.

From: Barb Reinhardt on
I've seen this happen when I have two instances of Excel open and without
realizing it, changed the "read only" version, not the version that can be

Barb Reinhardt

"Prof Wonmug" wrote:

> I'm no expert, but I have been using VBA for years. Something just
> happened that I can hardly believe.
> I made a few minor changes, mostly cosmetic, to a UDF in a personal
> add-in module. I usually save after every change (Ctrl-S). I guess I
> was distracted and just closed the editor and Excel. When I reopened
> the add-in module, the changes were not there.
> As a test, I made a couple of changes and closed the editor without
> saving. I got no warning that I had unsaved changes. The add-in file
> time stamp did not change and when I reopened the module, the changes
> were gone.
> Did I change some setting by mistake?
> Is there a way that I can get the IDE editor to warn me if I am about
> to lose changes?
> .