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The fear in the being prevents to "acknowledge" what is true.

Are robots "now" non-science-fictional, yes.

Can both a being's and a robot's senses be transmitted from a computer
instead of from reality, yes.

Thus can a being be tricked by his senses as to perceive computer
simulations as beings, yes.

Those more advanced, know that all senses vary by their frequencies,
and even the characteristics of the senses, such as color.

Thus a single computer cable can transmit all the senses to a being.
And instead of a cable, an antenna, a single antenna pole, more
particularly the tip of the antenna. Let this antenna tip be called
the Singularity.
Scientific forethought based on present scientific visual principles.

The birth or the awakening:

A star or an antenna emits an electromagnetic wave, likewise the
singularity emitted and still emits the space we call Reality through
a series of thermal and visual light flashes we call electromagnetic

As an antenna can both receive and transmit, this singularity can
resemble the eye of the creator as this being awakened from his sleep
or his birth.


The conception and the concious:

Considering the original emissions from the singularity (or even an
antenna) as a series of flashes through a span of time "means" nothing
without an entity (a being) to acknowledge them.

The 1st principle of acknowledgment and consciousness:

The 1st principle would be a place to store the information sent, thus
since a transmission signal (series of flashes) from an antenna can
simulate a visual space to another entity's (the being) senses. This
space, "although a simulation", can "somehow" be used to both perceive
(conceive) and store this information (the series of flashes).

The 2nd principle of acknowledgment and consciousness:

The 2nd principle would be that this being is a dimwit, in terms of
being slow. If the being's perception/consciousness where as fast as
the series of flashes, there would be NO PLACE, and thus NO SPACE to
store the information. Patience permits the proper explanation and

If a being's thoughts and consciousness were as fast as the single
(singularity) electron emitted from a TV's CRT, that being would
observe no space or image, but instead a single dot flashing as it
travels. Likewise a TV displays an image at a specific frequency to
the consciousness known as 30 to 60 Hertz (30 to 60 different pictures
per second).

Any slower, it would look like still pictures slowly changing, any
faster and the being could not conceive, perceive, or visualize any
image (or space).

The 3rd principle of awareness and consciousness is similar to the 2nd

The 2nd principle was that the being is less conscious and aware of
the much faster series of flashes in order to perceive/conceive a
space continuum.

In a similar fashion, the 3rd principle is that the being would be
"less" or "not" conscious and aware of a specific "portion" of the
series of flashes, thus isolated from them and the "stored" memories
of them, as that of the Hindu belief in a being's lack of knowledge
(acknowledgment and conscious) of a former life. But in this case, it
may also be, a same being's simultaneous lives in a present time

The 4th principle of acknowledgment and consciousness resides in the
former principles:

The 4th principle is that "due to the other principles", all that is
needed for consciousness:

1. is not two or more, but one single being, the one awakened from his
sleep or his birth.

2. the eye of that being as it first opens from a sleep or birth, the

The 5th principle which should be the 1st, is that the 4 primary
principles can be attributed to the conception and conscious of a

Thus the 5th (or 1st) principle is the consciousness belongs to that
of a soul.

ONE of the attributes to the 5th principle is that without a conscious
and awareness there would be no soul (or robot).

ONE more important attribute to the 5th principle remains unknown,
other than perhaps the "supposed" 5 fingers of God old theory and that
there may be 5 dimensions instead of 4, this other dimension being the
1st dimension from which the vector and dimension Time is derived

Where one day is a thousand years, and a thousand years is one day?