From: Nick Bowler on
On 11:22 Mon 07 Jun , Toralf F�rster wrote:
> Since some kernel version (IIRC since 2.6.31) it is necessary to boot the
> linux kernel with that option to prevent an extra 9 seconds delay during
> reboot.
> I found this tip on the LKML -and now I'm wondering whether this option should
> be hard coded in the kernel sources b/c it seems to be necessary for current
> kernels too.

Wow! That delay has been frustrating me since I bought my T500 last
year. I had tried a couple reboot= options (triple, acpi) and they all
had the delay, so I figured it was something inherent with the system

But reboot=pci works perfectly! Thanks for the tip.

Nick Bowler, Elliptic Technologies (
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