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"Uwe Sieber" wrote:

> Tiggre wrote:
> > I recently noticed a new icon in the tray with the message "This device can
> > perform faster . . . " Unfortunately I don't know what else it said as it
> > disappeared before I could read the whole message. Has anyone seen this
> > particular message before? I have not added any new devices to my computer
> > recently.
> Usually shown by Windows when an USB2 device is attached
> to an USB1 port. Does your Computer have only USB1 ports?
> Somtimes Windows cannot detect an USB2 device properly
> and show this message too.
> Uwe
> I have spent ages trying to fix this pesky issue. And through trial and error, have finally resolved it :) I tried removing the Enhanced controller, reboot etc. all of the above to no avail. Occasionally it would operate in USB2 mode, and was really fast, but could not find a reliable repeatable fix. I have a Samsung NC10 and the issue was with a Philips external usb 1TB hardrive. The fix for me was as follows:
1. Leave everything connected as you want it.
2. In device manager, rollback the driver (mine went back to PCI to USB
controller revision 5, and I got a fright)
3. Update the driver back to revision 8. whatever.
4. After lots of plinking and plonking it now works :)

I even rebooted, powered off both items. Then powered the hard drive on
before the laptop, and it still works. Hope everyone else finds this, and it
fixes their problems :)