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Dear Jon:

You have already posted on the [discuss] list with this message. [discuss]is
a publicly open mailing list, not a bulletin board.

It is intended for the ongoing collaborative enhancement and promotion of
Open Office. It is not a place to seek technical support.

Some time back, Bernhard Dippold posted a message containing these links. I
suggest you keep them as they can be very helpful from time to time.

Added to that, Oo, like most java-based cross platform apps can acquire much
greater capability through the use of extensions and plug-ins. These are
added using the extension manager in Oo, (as with Mozilla's products also.)

Because of the added layer in the software, usually when an extension is
added it is only necessary to restart that application, not to reboot the
whole system (much faster).

In Fedora 12 (Linux) the approach is slightly different, as Fedora's "Add
and Remove software" feature handles all the add-ons and updates for the
whole system mostly automatically, although it is also possible to upgrade
each application from within the app.

Do not expect free on demand technical help for computer problems. Many
years ago it became generally evident that the cost of providing that degree
of convenience outweighed the cost of a paid application, not to mention
anything free, LGPL, etc.

The default approach is that everyone does what they can pro bono to help
each other.

Paid support does exist from 3rd party providers, but that kind of time is

They provide voting results

as well as download numbers

This might serve even better than a poll here on the list.

For templates there are similar pages on the template repository

I'd like to ask people using some extensions or templates to vote for them
on the repositories, so the votings would become more valid just because of
the higher number of votes.

Best Regards,

Bruce Martin

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