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>What methods are usually used for throttling up/download speeds
>of users? Is this generally done with a software app and at
>what level? Just wondering.


For VoIP:

How it's done in a small wireless router:

What problem are you trying to solve and what equipment/OS/software do
you have to work with?

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Meanwhile, at the alt.internet.wireless Job Justification Hearings,
hurdygurdy chose the tried and tested strategy of:

> I was just wondering if the open (public?) AP I am using is
> throttling me or just too far away. Probably throttling since
> upload speeds much greater than down. Wondering how it's
> done, prolly just need to buy a better antenna. Thanks.

Wireless speeds drop off with distance so if you're far enough away it might
not be deliberate throttling [although it wouldn't be asymmetrical].

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