From: puzzler on
I have written a very simple GUI in Python / Tkinter, running under
Python 2.5.4 on Windows.

The GUI is essentially a big Tix.ScrolledText area, where you can
enter some text, and a button underneath to process the text. (The
button causes the text to be looked up in a SQLite database, and some
stats are generated and displayed in a web browser).

One of my users is reporting to me that intermittently, he loses the
ability to paste text into the Tix.ScrolledText area. He says that
copy and paste works in all his other applications, but suddenly it
will not work in my app's text widget. Even weirder, he says that
once the ability to paste goes away, it will not work *until he
reboots his computer*.

Even if there's some sort of bug with my app, I can't think of any way
that this problem could persist across stopping and starting the
program. Seems like restarting the program should put things back
into a pristine state. So I'm beginning to wonder if there's some
sort of deeper bug with Tkinter or Tix? How could this bug persist
until a reboot? Does Python run some background service to handle Tk
calls that remains running across Python instantiations?

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!