From: Paochinda Thaugsuban on
Dear Sir,

I received instruction from Mr. Suthachai Yimprasert to find someone,
a foreigner who can assist him protect his remaining fund and
investment in Thailand. Mr. Suthachai Yimprasert is presently under
arrest in Thailand and some of his assets have been frozen by the
Government of Thailand over his activities during the
Government-Redshirts face off in Bangkok. He needs to transfer out of
Thailand a total sum of US$6,457,000 in his secret account to an
offshore non-resident bank account immediately.

In order for him to do so he needs you to sign a document as "next to
kin" agreement with his lawyer in Bangkok, Thailand to ensure the
security of the fund in your hand.

He claims that upon completion of the wire transfer to you, he will
somehow find a way to escape Thailand and move to Korea with his
family, at which time you will be entitled to 20%, for your troubles.
He insists that as this is a life or death matter the entire
transaction must be completed within two weeks. And heaven forbid he
should be killed, leaving you with all the money he plead that you
take care of his family. He said the lawyer shall provide you with
copies of the Deposit Certificate and other documents between himself
and the bank.

If you agree, could you send me the following information?

1. Your contact addresses and telephone number.

2. Your bank information for wire instruction.

Treat as urgent and important.

Paochinda Thaugsuban

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