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Saw this in 24hr- submitted for your reading pleasure.

"The new Trolling Point System for Trolls has been approved by the
Central Troll Committee for Troll Standards and Procedures. The new
TROLL POINT SYSTEM (TPS) will take effect on October 1, 1999.

10 points Killfile: Being Killfiled is the highest honor and the
most points a Troll can achieve. It represents complete victory and
indicates that the Troll has performed on a MASTER TROLL level.

9 points Complaint to Trolls ISP: While not as good as being
killfiled, a complaint to a Trolls ISP indicates that once again the
TROLL has struck hard and deep.

8 points Death Threat: Another indication of a Master Troll at
Work. The death threat is firm proof that the Troll has cut to the
bone and left his victim (the fish) floundering and gasping for air.

7 points Personal Verbal Attack: A personal verbal attack on a
Troll in response to a trolling post indicates that the Troll has riled
and disturbed the fish in question.

6 points Plea to Ignore Troll: A Plea from a Forum Group member to
other group regulars to ignore the Troll in question is a sure sign
that the Troll is doing his/her sport with proficiency.

5 points Killfile response: When a poster who has claimed to have
KILLFILED a particular Troll, then responds to another Post by the
Troll in question, rates a solid 5 points for the Trolls ability to
snag a hypocritical fish.

4 points Logical response: A person who responds to a Troll trying
to use logic and reason to rebut a Troll is worth 4 points for such
stupidity as to think a Troll cares about what they have to say.

3 points 10+ individual responses: When a post by a Troll gets at
least 10 responses from 10 different individuals.

2 points Positive response: If a Troll gets a positive response such
as ROFLOL: LOL: Great Post, etc.

1 point Any type of response at all."

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