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On 04/14/2010 08:48 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
> Thanks.
> Will be honest, and while have played around with PHP etc., have never
> really done much with it in terms of going into production as such
> anyway, so, yes, will need to learn/figure out how to do things the
> best way, etc.
> Stay well
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And while you are trying to learn good habits look at SQL Injection
attacks. Using something like $_REQUEST['id'] in a query is just asking
for it. Many of the PHP and MySQL tutorials I have seen barely mention
this problem, if at all.

Consider if someone had sent your script a URL like this:
scipt.php?id='';DELETE FROM table tblLinks;
If the user running the mysql_query() function had the rights to delete
rows on the tblLinks table, the tblLinks table would be empty.