From: Naftas on
Hi Everyone,

can you help with next problem. Here is variable declaration in sub rutine:

Sub PVT_OIL_PB(ByVal TPB As Double, ByVal GAMAGPB As Double, ByVal GAMAOPB
As Double, ByVal PSPB As Double, _
ByVal GORPB As Double, ByRef CAPB() As Double, ByRef APB() As Double)

Here is call statment for Sub PVT_OIL_PB :

Call PVT_OIL_PB(t, GAMAG, GAMAO, PS, GOR, CA(), a())

After calling rutine i have recived next error message:

"Type mismatch: array or user-defined type expected"

Where is my mistake?

Best regards,