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On May 26, 11:30 am, Terry Reedy <tjre...(a)> wrote:
> On 5/24/2010 2:52 PM, Jesse McDonnell wrote:
> > I'm attempting to install Powerline,
> > a computer reservation software based on CherryPy/Python using a MYSql
> > database, at my local library and I've run up against an error that I
> > cannot google my way out of! The google groups for the application is
> > inactive so I'm posting on here in the hope that I can get some pointers
> > to get me beyond this issue. Any suggestions/pointers will be greatly
> > appreciated.

The most common reason for this message is trying to subclass a
module. (Very easy mistake when a module has the same name as a
class, which is part of why I don't like the practice, though the
modern PEP 8 reduces the issue.)

IOW, someone did something like this:

import foo
class bar(foo): pass

when they should have done this:

from foo import foo
class bar(foo): pass

Carl Banks