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Hello all

We are pleased to inform you that U++ Tutoring Plan is out.

What is it?
If you find that U++ is a nice C++ library and development environment
but you have problems beginning to use it and you do not feel comfortable
with Forum, Tutoring Plan is for you.

Duration: 2 weeks per person.
The plan is anonymous. If the programmer wants his/her name will not be known.
To enter, send an email to upp-tutoring-plan(a) indicating:
- Forum name.
- Areas where you expect to use U++.
- Tutoring timetable. Hours where you are more available for tutoring.

The possible tutors will receive the email. You always will be answered.
When someone is available, the tutoring will begin.

What help can you expect from a Tutor
The Tutor will give you:
- Reasonable support using mail, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk or other available means.
- About U++ programming: GUI, database, image, ...
- Letting you to know different U++ resources like documentation and Forum.
- Answering your questions or looking for the right expert.
- Introducing you in U++ world to be self-sufficient.
- All for free.

U++ Tutoring Plan is inspired in Google Summer of Code mentoring.

You can get updated info here:$uppweb$tutoring$en-us.html

Best regards

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