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safe mode w/networking
is specifically used for
troubleshooting windows
with networking capabilities.

as such, the networking
feature in the above allows
the use and operation of
the modem to connect to
a network, like the internet
while in safe mode.

so the problem you may be
having with the boot menu
option above may be due
to an issue with the modem.

an unstable modem can cause
windows to be unstable and
people may think that it is a
virus or an infection when the
problem is simply hardware

since you don't have problem
with regular safe mode,

then you should use it to

you may have to uninstall the
modem drivers or update them
or you may simply have a faulty

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"britina10" <britina10(a)> wrote in message news:4B51C27D-CA47-433F-BA7E-EC0F9D1EB269(a)
> I have the Antivirus Soft virus (?) and I am trying to get rid of it.
> In order to do so, I have to get into Safe Mode w/Networking. When I try
> doing that, I keep getting a blue screen error: " has been shut
> down to prevent damage to your computer..."
> What is my problem? Thanks!

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