From: Darlene on
Hi All!
I can use icon sets for certain things, but am unable to figure out
how to use them with my existing data.

I have a pivot table that may list sales from Quarter 4. If you expand
that level of the pivot table you would see the monthly, weekly and
daily sales that constituted Quarter 4. But I want to show icons to
give a visual cue if Q4 was up from Q3.

I would need to do this again in the future to see if Q1 is up from
the previous years Q4.

Sample Data would be:
Week Sales (want to see icons in this column, beside numbers)
4 20
3 15

I want to know at a glance if the 20 is higher than the 15;

From: Herbert Seidenberg on
Excel 2007 PivotTable
Arrow Icons
Change from previous value.
Pdf preview: