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In comp.lang.javascript message <ed6eac53-0d59-47ea-8442-504e0ef4e481(a)x5>, Sat, 21 Nov 2009 03:29:42, Aaron C
<farfromunique(a)> posted:
>Where I'm stuck is getting javascript in _top to read ANYTHING in
>_bott. I don't know if I have bad syntax, or if i'm missing a step in
>my code, or if what I'm trying to do is actually even possible.
>Any way you can help?

A copy of <URL:> does that,
accessing the whole displayed text and the links and anchors arrays. To
see how, scan its source for "Fram" and read near where you see it.
Everything it reads is on the same system as it is itself.

But, from your description, ISTM that you may be trying to use a page in
your domain to read the content of an iframe loaded from an alien

And ISTM that, if that could be done, it could easily be misused.

You should, of course, have mentioned the nature of the error messages
reported in the Error Console or equivalent. For me, Firefox generally
gives the most rapidly useful report; but, where that does not help
enough, the extra detail on Opera is sometimes useful.

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