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Thanks for your reply.
I guess i am not using VS auto deploy. I deploy my assembly using create/alter assembly.

My function looks like this

SqlChars^ func1(SqlBytes Data,
SqlString a,
SqlString b)


SqlChars ^output = gcnew SqlChars();

while ((bytesRead = Data.Read(offsetr,tmpInBuffer, 0, chunkSize)) > 0)
read and process on Data
output->write(....) // write processed data in output.

return output;


Input data can be upto max limit of VARBINARY(MAX)

If I write data to memorystream as

MemoryStream ^ms = gcnew MemoryStream();
and then return SqlChars

Encoding ^u8 = Encoding::UTF8;
output = gcnew SqlChars(u8->GetString(ms->ToArray()));
return output;

it works fine till 30MB and then result in
..NET Framework execution was aborted by escalation policy because of out of memory.

Bob Beauchemin wrote:

Are you using DDL or VS autodeploy to deploy your CLR function?

Are you using DDL or VS autodeploy to deploy your CLR function? If you are
using VS autodeploy, have you decorated your return value with the SqlFacet
attribute and specified MaxSize = -1? Otherwise you will get generated DDL for

Hope this helps,
Bob Beauchemin

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