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apologies for repeated post. i am using ddl to deploy clR function

kj wrote:

Using SqlBytes/SqlChar write method in CLR

Thanks for your reply
I guess i am not using VS auto deploy. I deploy my assembly using create/alter assembly.

My function looks like this

SqlChars^ func1(SqlBytes Data,
SqlString a,
SqlString b)


SqlChars ^output = gcnew SqlChars();

while ((bytesRead = Data.Read(offsetr,tmpInBuffer, 0, chunkSize)) > 0)
read and process on Data
output->write(....) // write processed data in output.

return output;


Input data can be upto max limit of VARBINARY(MAX)

If I write data to memorystream as

MemoryStream ^ms = gcnew MemoryStream();
and then return SqlChars

Encoding ^u8 = Encoding::UTF8;
output = gcnew SqlChars(u8->GetString(ms->ToArray()));
return output;

it works fine till 30MB and then result in
..NET Framework execution was aborted by escalation policy because of out of memory.

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