From: Phi0129 on
I'm new to VBA programming and would appreciate some help with a macro.

There is a database table that can be refreshed throughout the month that
simply overrides the cell value from the same refresh. So the values update
every time you refresh in the same cell until the next month begins (Date +
Year are the column headings). What I need to do is break each month down
into weeks like this (1-7 = Week 1, and so on where Week 5 is any day after
the 28th of the month).

I need a macro where the morning a new week starts (Day 8), I can copy/paste
values the entire column in the data table at that moment into another
column labeled "Week 1". This process is repeated weekly, with Week 2 =
Database Table Values - Week 1 in another column, and so on.

Can anyone help me out with this? Was I clear enough with my information?