From: Wyzzard on
Well it's been longer than I wanted to get back to this... too many projects
with the new boss and this is a minor thing... still unable to get this to
work. Here's what I've tried -

Set ranArrayRange = Worksheets(2).Range("A2:G215")

intCellRow = WorksheetFunction.Match(Worksheets(1).Cells(3,3).Value,
ranArrayRange, 0)

I actually use the worksheets name instead of numbers, just used these to
make it easier to understand. I know this doesn't do exactly what I wanted
originally but I figured if I could get it to work with this simplified
version I could make it do the rest that I wanted easy enough.

This gives me a "Runtime Error '1004' - Unable to get the Match property of
the WorksheetFunction class"

Any new suggestions would be great.