From: Vladimir on
it's very simple,althought i spent weeks trying to fix it-just go to control
panel/sound and audio devices and,in audio/sound recording unselect camera
microfon and select sound card or audio chip the same in
voice/voice recording.than go to windows live messinger,tools/audio and video
setup,choose 'custom' and select camera microfon as default one.same in skype

"AS-3363" wrote:

> I have a LifeCam VX-5000 installed on an older (2004) XP SP3 system. Although
> video works fine, the audio recording function is nonfunctional.
> Specifically, only nearby, very loud noises (such as are produced when
> blowing or tapping on the microphone) are detected by the software. In
> addition, a strange, repetitive beeping sound can be heard quite loudly on
> playback. Editing the settings in the Audio Devices control panel is
> ineffective. I encountered the same problem when I used a different webcam of
> the same model; since this webcam works perfectly fine on my new Vista SP2
> system, I doubt it's a hardware issue. I have already updated the drivers,
> and (short of reinstalling the device driver again) I cannot think of
> anything else.