From: Makelei on
I'm using XP and 2003.
I have a problem that I have once found resolution, but now it came again
and cannot remember what needs to be done. Here is the problem: There is a
column where Validation is specified in right manner with error message in
case of error. When selecting the cell - dropdown list is not coming visible.
In case I write something wrong it gives error message.

If I recall correctly - it was something to do with some kind of list. How
can I change this to work properly? I tried to paste new column from another
file where the column is working as I want it to work -after paste, same
thing. No drop down list visible.

Thanks for help
From: Dave O on
As a reminder, here's how to set up data validation to use a dropdown:

1. Enter the choices for the dropdown in a certain spot
2. Define a named range that includes the choices from step 1
3. On the Excel menu click >Data >Validation
4. In the Allow box, choose List
5. In the Source box, enter the formula =YourNamedRange and click OK
where YourNamedRange is the named range you created in step 2

The List in step 4 is probably the "list" your post references.

Good luck with it!
Dave O
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