From: Sheryl on
How exactly do you go to the directory and perform those steps? i have
windows vista and also have the same error code...

"Neil" wrote:

> After an SP2 update failed with error code 80070570. I spent some time
> looking for a solution. Microsoft Help is definitely an oxymoron, offering
> nothing more than Google for it (OK, not in those words ;-).
> Bing offered up various possibilities. None of the suggested solutions
> helped but I found the information that it indicated a corrupt file. The
> solution I came up with was to find the download directory c
> \WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ and delete the most recent
> subdirectory, in this case called cd2b15b1a90e884578188440a1660b12. After
> this a second attempt at updating went smoothly.
> Neil