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(ms excel 2003) If I have a particular workbook open which contains macros
and If I happen to walk away and the computer locks... upon unlock the vba
editor pops up automatically. This particular workbook didnt do this until I
added some lines of code that unprotected one of the sheets so the macro
could write to it and once it was finished it protected the sheet again.

Activesheet.Unprotect ("My_Password")
Activesheet.Protect Password:="My_Password"

From: joel on

You probably protected the wrong sheet and you are getting an error some
place in th code or you added a break point in the code. You sholdn't
be seening the VBA editor unless you have an error. Do the following

1) Check all your worksheets/cells to see which are protected and which
aren't protected. Go to the menu to protect a sheet. If it says
protect , then it it not protected. If it say Unprotect, then it is

2) Change your code to specify the shet you want to protect by name,
not active sheet.

Activesheet.Unprotect ("My_Password")
Activesheet.Protect Password:="My_Password"

Sheets("Sheet1").Unprotect ("My_Password")
Sheets("Sheet1").Protect Password:="My_Password"

3) Change you error trapping to trap on all errors

VBA menu

Tools - Options - General - Error Trapping - Stop on All Errors

Errors often cause macro to stop.

4) Remove all "On Error Resume Next" and other error statements. Again
Errors often cause macros to stop

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