From: Ben Finney on
Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson(a)> writes:

> A good example for the first couple of stages of this process is PEP
> 3143 concerning adding a daemon package to the stdlib:

Thanks for the shout-out for PEP 3143. I can certainly say that the
process Daniel describes was a very healthy one for the development of
the API in that specification. Trimming the fat from the implementation,
and delegating concerns outside the specification, was a major benefit
of going through that public discussion process.

The PEP 3143 reference implementation has a lot of happy users, who are
making use of the API to perform the tasks they need. Once I complete
the extraction of dependencies, I'll be submitting the resulting code
for inclusion in the standard library.

> I haven't found the beginning of the thread discussing this

For the process you outline, the thread where I began soliciting
feedback of the “what's the best way to do this?” kind begins at
Some later threads gave me a better idea what was required and what was

While making a reference implementation, I drafted a PEP to describe the
interface I wanted the standard library to provide. Once I had it in
good shape, and had a reference implementation ready, I submitted it and
it was registered as PEP 3143.

The first PEP 3143 discussion thread starts at
Once I had incorporated a lot of the feedback, I fished again with

It's annoying that many threads get broken because of poor transmission
of message references. You'll need to browse manually to get more
complete versions of some of the thread.