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STOP OX0000007B, unable_to_mount_disk_volume or similar?
changes I' made to WINXP:
I' flashed the MB BIOS,[BIOS update works o'k] used with different O.S.
so it works!
I' added various hardware,I' then removed them,becuase I' still
recieving this error message?

WINXP boots to menu option by default?
I' removed all the "added new hardware"

the only thing I' don't remeber:
I' possibly changed primary and secondary IDE channels from CS,CABLE
SELECT to M- S- master slave?
I' put HDD on primary IDE as M- master.
I' put DVD as M- and cd-rom as s- on secondary channel.

CHKDSK doen't run?
AUTOCHK doesn't run?

O' humm I' didn't make a recovery disk?