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Hi All,

I running macro to get data from web.

step 1 - I will provide login info in excel
step 2 - Once i run the macro, it will open the web page ( Company
step 3 - inputs login info
step 4 - goes to tab ( accounts )
step 5 - finds some accounts
step 6 - clicks save to pdf account.
step 7 - open new pop window & asks to click ok.

I am able to complete till step 6.
step 7 opens new pop window & i am not able write code to click ok.

How can i achieve this.

This company url - so, i can't paste the url here.

Please help me
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Once a person manually navigates on a webpage the connection is lost
between the macro code and the webbrowser. If there is only one web
browser open you can find the web browser application by searcing
through the active processes (the same as if you were using the task
manager). You can also find the application by using the title of the

The window is the parent to the web application. so once you find the
title of the correct window use the following

AppActivate title[, wait]

You can themn use Active window to get control of the window in VBA.

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