From: J.O. Aho on
Whiskers wrote:
> On 2009-11-20, RodMcKay <NoJunkMail(a)> wrote:

>> Right-click on the desktop, and under the theme tab towards the bottom
>> of the dialogue box there is an install button. Navigate to the
>> tar.gz file and select it and off it goes. Easy as pie. The theme
>> will either install, or won't, giving you an error message on why not.
>> But the valid ones do install in a moment.
> Reading between the lines, I get the impression that you are following the
> Windows tradition for acquiring software: find a web page with something
> on it to download, download that to the 'desktop', find the icon, and
> click every which way till something happens - and hope nothing bad
> happens.
> That isn't the best method. Virtually all Linux distros have 'software
> management' tools the like of which Microsoft can only dream about, and

That's nowadays not true, there is an experimental Gentoo for Windows, similar
to the one for OSX, which gives you a front end to install packages from

There even been a inhouse application installer at microsoft, but sadly for
the microsoft users the micrsofot leadership didn't approve the project and
therefore it never got out of the Linux research facility.


From: Robert Newson on
RodMcKay wrote:
> I suspect that as more people have computers at home which ground to a
> halt like my sister's, their frustrations will eventually lead them to
> also look for alternatives.
Unfortunately, the alternatives they look for are a new computer running
the latest, best ever for security and speed and eye candy Windwos and
their old computer ends up getting is only recently that
I've had to give up on an old Win 95 machine (Pentium, 75MHz!) that was
working perfectly as my internet gateway machine (NOT with Win 95, but
smoothwall) - hardware failure means it is now 6ft under, pushing up the