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On Friday 12 March 2010 05:39:29 pm David Masover wrote:
> On Thursday 11 March 2010 06:50:07 am Diego Virasoro wrote:
> > > I'm much more interested in it on a personal level. Switching text
> > > editors at this point might be, for most of us, far trickier than
> > > switching OSes, and could be almost as bad as switching keyboard
> > > layouts. (Dvorak, anyone?) By picking a proprietary technology, you're
> > > doing several things that I can't really see being worth the risk:
> >
> > To be honest with you I find your arguments weak at best. At the end
> > of the day the data it spits out (the files you work on) are simple
> > text files.
> Yes, I acknowledged this, and it's why I care much more about people using
> IE than people using TextMate.
> > Yes, it may cost some retraining time to move to another text
> > editor but so what:
> So, that's a nuisance and a cost, and depending on how much you find
> yourself relying on a given tool, it may start to be significant.
> > Do you make your own car on the off chance that the car makers will
> > make a car you won't like?
> Bad analogy -- I don't have to "make my own car," there's things like
> RedCar, Diakonos, and others.
> But there isn't really a lot of choice in cars. If I want a decent car at
> an affordable price, I pretty much want something manufactured, probably
> something used. It's entirely impractical to build it myself.
> If you want a better car analogy for this sort of thing, I recommend Neal
> Stephenson's "In the beginning was the command line":

> > Or maybe create your own mobile phone
> > because you are worried that tomorrow Nokia et al. will produce phones
> > you don't like?

Again, I don't have to create my own -- but Android helps. I wouldn't buy an
iPhone, for instance, no matter what it can do now.