From: XP Guy on
The issue I'm seeing is actually on an NT4 server with IE6-sp1, but I'm
asking here because there aren't enough people following NT4 newsgroups
any more, and I figure that NT is similar enough to XP in this

The problem is that these graphic symbols or control elements are
screwed up:

- window minimize, maximize, and close buttons (upper right-hand
corner of any window)

- scroll bar up and down arrows, arrows for drop-down lists (the
actual small black arrow)

- radio buttons and check boxes

are screwed up and seem to have been replaced with numbers or letters
(in the case of the first two items) and radio buttons and check boxes
are so mangled that it's hard to tell when a check-box or radio button
has been set or is empty.

The system in question has been like this for probably the last 7 years,
and I have no ides what might have triggered or caused it.

What part of an NT / XP system is responsible for rendering those window
and menu-interface objects?

I've re-applied the last service-pack for NT4 (SP6a) and re-installed
IE6-sp1. I've changed the video card in the system (from ATI to Nvidia)
and installed the correct video drivers.

What API, GDI, kernel, DLL, VXD, activex, directx, or font files (etc)
plays a role in rendering these particular window control elements or