From: Maurice Batey on
On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 07:09:49 -0500, RodMcKay wrote:

> does anyone have experience with doing this yet?

Months ago I installed WinXP under VBox so that I could run the 3
Windows app's I wanted to keep on using (Quicken, AMEOL, and
TomTom 'Home') when running Linux.

All work beautifully.

The only time I still boot real WinXP is my annual family DVD
Capture/Edit/Burn project using Pinnacle Studio, which needs direct
access to the hard drives to avoid frame dropping during Capture from
video camera.
(Hopefully my next PC may be fast enough to allow me to run
Pinnacle Studio under VBox/WinXP, maybe next year)

VBox also running nicely under trial installation of Mandriva 2010.0.
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