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>> Howdie!
>> AJ schrieb:
>> > Is renaming adomaineasier to acheive in Windows 2008 than it was in
>> > Windows 2003?
>> > Are there any benefits of doing this when ourdomainhas been upgraded
>> > to 2008 as opposed to beforehand (2003)?
>> > I understand the tool is now included with Windows 2008 but wondered
>> > if the process was easier i.e. less risk.
>> How's thedomain'ssetup? In general, the more services that rely on
>> Active Directory, e.g. Exchange, DFS, Sharepoint, third party,..., the
>> more I'd think about moving towards different solutions than
>> simplerename. Renames can get complicated if Exchange and the like are
>> involved.
>> Also, I've seen little reason, I mean *real* reason to
>> reallyrenameadomain. Is it a merger? Is there a change you can create a
>> new
>> forest/domainand then migrate into that newdomain? Is it just
>> policital? Thedomainwon't be seen from external resources - it's just
>> what's resolved internally. I wouldn't go down that hassle if there's
>> not valid reason to do so.
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>> Florian
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> Hi
> sorry for the late reply!
> its a simple single domain model although Exchange is deployed. The
> domain name represents an old company name and the powerrs that be
> want it changed, decision has been made. We have already discussed
> migrating to a parallel environment and that is a non starter due to
> the cost and complexities involved with this. If it were a small shop
> things might be different. I have looked at renaming a domain a while
> back for another customer and it was doable although wasn't risk free
> in fact far from it. My question was does 2008 simplify the process or
> is it exactly the same as it was with 2003?
> AJ

What version of Exchange?

If Exchange 2007, no it is not possible without uninstalling, then
reinstalling Exchange. As Meinolf and Florian said, it also depends on other
services and apps installed in the infrastructure whether they can handle a
rename or not.

My blog has additional information on renames, below.

Domain Rename With or Without Exchange


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