From: Emile van Sebille on
On 7/27/2010 7:36 AM python(a) said...
> Windows: How can I detect whether a Python app/script is running
> in console/GUI mode? By app I mean a script compiled to an exe
> via py2exe or similar.

Once you've got an exe, you'll need to know the name you're looking for.
There are several utilities available -- I use pslist from
sysinternals, but there are others out there like process explorer, WMIC
or tasklist. You could translate the VB found at and use win32. You could program
a pid file into your exe and check that.

One cheap trick is to create a file and keep it open while your process
runs. From the outside, if the file is missing or you can erase the
file, you're process isn't active. This relies on windows requiring
exclusive access to delete a file which it does, and doesn't rely on the
presence of a particular windows version or installation of a third
party utility.