From: sean on
Hi Ivan

Just wondering if you got this fixed. We are having the exact same problem with 2 dell poweredge 2850's that are in an Exchange 2003 cluster. Both servers running win2k3 sp1 ent. Thanks.

Ivan Reyes wrote:

Error Code: 8: 0x80004005

Running Windows Server 2003 SP 1 and Exchange Server 2003 on a Dell
PowerEdge 2850. Legal licenses. Server 2003 OEM from Dell. Exchange 2003


"An error occurred while the wizard was checking the current Windows
product license. Error Code: 8: 0x80004005"

The Event ID is 1000, Type: Error, Category: None; Source: Windows
Product Activation

Error occurs once every minute.

Functionality of the server does not seem to be impaired, but I am
concerned that it will be.

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