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>>> Hi, I turned on my HP laptop computer this morning only to
>>> find out these odd things had happened:
>>> * The wall paper on the desktop was a HP default & not the
>>> one that I had prior.
>>> * There was no documents in "My Doc" folder-just 3 default
>>> ones * There was no pictures in "My pictures" folder-just 2-3
>>> default ones. There was, however, all the programs we have in the
>>> "program files" area. I restored the computer to like 3
>>> days ago- After the reboot, the screen stated that the restore point
>>> could not be completed. So I did it again and this time,
>>> used one week ago. AND that DID work!!! Luckliy I had
>>> several restore points to choose from.... My question is this: How could
>>> this have happened from one
>>> day to the next? I dont think that I had ever experienced
>>> this to any of my pc's. I am not a tech by no means. I
>>> know just a few things here and there. And I probably am
>>> not giving you much info but I really dont have much to
>>> give. Windows XP home edition OEM sp2 using AVG, malwarebytes, windows
>>> firewall.
>>> thanks in advance
>> Windows did not revert to default but instead of using your
>> normal profile, it temporarily gave you a default profile.
> So? Now what does he do? Typical vague response.

Read the OP's post before snapping back. He solved his own problem. If you
think you can contribute something productive then you might tell him *why*
it happened.