From: Bob I on
Perhaps the user is killing power before the system is done saving settings?

yerk55 wrote:
> This one is driving me mad. Ok, here’s the situation:
> PC with XP SP2, joined to a domain. There are 2 users that use this
> machine, both log in with their Active Directory logons. Melissa can
> log in fine and has never had a problem with this machine.
> Linda, however, used the machine fine for a week or so, then would
> get the error:
> "Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of
> this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local
> profile. If this problem persists, contact your network
> administrator."
> ..when trying to log in.
> So my first instinct was to blow away her locally cached profile. I
> did so under System properties, Advanced tab, User Profiles settings,
> and deleted her profile. I verified that her profile’s directory was
> gone under C:\Docuemts and Settings\
> I had Linda log back in (still we her domain logon), to create a new
> local profile. It worked fine for a few days, then the same error.
> Ok, so next I get the idea to clone her local profile using Melissa’s,
> since Melissa has never had any issues logging in.
> I go System properties, Advanced tab, User Profiles settings, click on
> Melissa’s account, then Copy To. In the “Copy Profile To” I browse to
> C:\Documents and settings\Linda as the target. In the “Permitted to
> use” section, I went in and added Machine\Everyone
> This seemed to work fine. Linda logged in, and sure enough she had the
> same desktop as Melissa and all worked fine…. for about a week. Now
> she’s getting the same error.
> What can I try next?
> Again, this isn’t a local user account, so there’s nothing to delete/
> recreate there.
> I’ve tried deleted her locally cached profile and letting recreate
> itself.
> I’ve tried cloneing her locally cached profile from another domain
> user who has no troubles.
> And it's just the one user. Tried several other domain logons on this
> machine, all seem to be fine.
> I would be really grateful in advance for any suggestions! TIA