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Are you high? Spybot is no good??? HAHAHA I guess that's because it's 1
of the most powerful underutilized spyware/virus programs out there. Let
me're a religious Windows user .. runinng IE8 .. Norton is
your Antivirus and Winblows Defender too...

Anyone saying that spybot is bad is a chump and doesn't have a clue.
I can only name 1 company that deals with spyware/virus in anyway that
uses Spybot ... as far as i know they still use it ... I know they used
it up until about 1.5 years ago kuz my ex worked tech support for them
around then and the training docs/lesson plans I made were still being
used ;)

P.S. 1st time on these forums so I don't know what the troll population
is here....but don't flame me .. i really don't care if anyone likes my
advice or not LoL plus i'll never post anything that I'm not %110 sure
about ... unless it's to ask a question


SPAMCOP User;1107710 Wrote:
> If you try the URL posted with http & https it doesn't work
> The trojans are plugged in to Winlogon hence they return & the virus
> software couldn't get rid of them like that anyway
> There are also possibly 2 processes checking each other & run keys...
> This can be checked by using Spybot & then checking the BHO section but
> deleting & refreshing the list...
> HiJackThis like MSCONFIG is a boy's toy. HiJackThis misses many
> locations & again cannot delete some of the entries

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