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Eric Wong wrote:
> Matt Triviski <matt.triviski(a)> wrote:
>> I am writing to NFS, so I am thinking that this may be the issue. I'm
>> starting to think that there is no way for me to get what I want, except
>> to rewrite this in C or Assembly :(
> NFS is your problem, not Ruby. See the nfs(5) manpage and see if you
> (or your friendly systems administrator) can tune the NFS mount
> options to invalidate the cache more frequently.
> Ruby IO methods are already thin wrappers around corresponding C
> functions (and thinner if you use the sys{write,read,...} variants).
> You normally don't need to go lower-level than that. Heck, with enough
> time and effort, you even could write your own NFS client implementation
> in Ruby (not a serious suggestion :)

Will do. Thanks again Eric for your help. I was pulling my hair out in
annoyance. Going to have to go to the SA's dungeon to see if they can
accommodate me, hehe.

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