From: Rascal on
Thanks so much to each reply - it all helped, although the key really was
that I could not start up. The clue that said stop automatic restart was the
key that led me to another message that caused me to suspect a memory issue -
that turned out to be a bad dimm.


"Rascal" wrote:

> When I started up windows XP Pro this morning, the display came up bank (dark
> blue, not THE blue, but nothing at all on the screen).
> I forced a shutdown and attempted to start up in safe mode - it threw THE
> blue screen with a message that referred to stopping to avoid damage to my
> system with the message IRQL_not_less_than and the message STPO: 0x0000000A
> (0x91D43770, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x804
> e6651) - and then restarts with the same result over and over.
> I took detached all hardware, connected the desktop to another monitor,
> keyboard, and mouse - and turned off the on board NIC via set up. Tried to
> start in safe mode and got the same result.
> Can anyone please help?
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